The Client:
Seavus Accelerator is a startup accelerator program co-funded by the Fund for Innovation & Technology Development and lead by Seavus Education & Development Center which is an active player in the international startup community as a member of EU founded My-GATEWAY Project and is Start-up Europe Ambassador for Macedonia. The goal of the accelerator is to mentor and fund promising Macedonian startups.

The Brief:
The Accelerator hosted a networking event in which the startups would meet their new mentors and attend a panel discussion about the Accelerator program.

The client needed a creative concept for this event, which would be applied in the promotion of it, the invitations, PowerPoint presentation etc.

The Work:
I was inspired by the new beginnings this event entails for the startups, the creation of a new collaboration and partnership.

I used "The Creation of Adam" by Michelangelo to achieve the symbolism of creation, but set in a adequate futuristic setting due to the startups all being in the IT field.